Friday, May 29, 2009

Behind a Daughter's strength is a love of a Mother

August 14, 2008 this was the date when I posted a blog about a friend who has Polycystic Ovaries. A friend who put all her strength to triumph the emotional, mental and physical battles she encountered on her great desire to conceive a child.The medication per se was not easy since the medicine for her PCOS often triggered her other illness which is GERD yet she did her best to bear all the discomfort. Faith and prayers were her light whenever her path started to grow dim.May 10, 2009 Mother’s Day, she was in the seashore with her hubby watching the moonlight glowing to the serene sea. She closed her eyes and whispered “Happy Mother’s Day Ma.” hoping her mom was around so she could hug and kiss her. Captivated by the view of the moonlight she took a picture, she knew her hand shook a bit while she took the picture but to her amazement the reflection formed a heart shape. She’s not a superstitious lady but still she wants to interpret it as an answer of her mother’s day greetings to her mom who already passed away 8 years ago.
With this, she gained more strength as she realized that though her parents are gone, somehow they let her feel that they know what she’s going through and that they trust her valiance in any given adversities.