Monday, July 28, 2008

Send-off and get-together

Just arrived home 12:45am from a send-off party and kinda get-together as well. My eyes are already heavy wanted to hit the hay but I'm also excited to post this blog. One of my close friends (ex co-teacher) will be leaving for USA on Friday to start her teaching job there. It was definitely an amazing night, with other ex “celebrity teachers” ( lol) and current teachers in bare hearts sharing their past and present walks of life. ‘twas like a 1900 class reunion ( excuse me for exaggerating lol ) we were too eager to chew the fat more yet too little time to do so. Anyhow, the important thing was we were able to give Darlene our kisses and hugs of good luck in her newly chosen expedition…

Well, I know she’s gonna be fine in there. Come hell and high water, Darlene’s gonna kick ________ for students who are pain in the ________ (lol, get used to it Darl). Of course she’s gonna choose the right approach in doing it. So no worries Yo! Two thumbs up!

Presenting the much-awaited teacher in N.C.

with her supporters lol

When u have a bad day, don't 4-get to smile and pose "click" there you go! say no no to wrinkles.

...and of course delight yourself w/ yummy food after a long day...

smile and pose again...

always remember that ur mentors r just one click away ( they already have friendster remember?)

and your fella ex-housemates...

plus your other fella teachers

and the knight in shining armor is ever-ready to cross mountains and seas...
( the step-mother wearing pink seemed so happy hehehe)

See everybody's enjoying the food....hahaha
P.S. Believe that if this is really God's choice for you, it's gonna be great..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

a kindergarten teacher or a linguist???

Being a linguist was one of my huge desires, in fact I studied Mandarin and Spanish in high school and college. However, almost everything I’ve learned became a junk since I chose not to pursue this desire because of some unavoidable circumstances and in due course was gone by the wind.
Until I met a friend who’s a Portuguese and speaks Mandarin, Japanese, English (with a British accent) and a bit of Spanish aside from her native tongue and my 5-year old student a Russian-American who lives in Japan and speaks English and is now learning Russian and Japanese. Wow! I am always fascinated hearing them speak different languages and it extremely awakens my long lost desire to be a linguist.
( 3-4 foreign languages are fine with me lol)

Hmmmm, it seems that I have an undeniably crucial choice to make; to continue being a Kindergarten Teacher or to switch another career “again” as Linguist?
But at least I'm already happy that I can say Thank you in few languages hehe
Sie sie

Friday, July 25, 2008

Helping my friend choose a facial cleanser

Disappointed with her current facial cleanser, my friend had asked an advice from me as to what kind of facial cleanser she’ll use. She added that she wants to try that product she saw on tv with somewhat bewitching ads but the price’s just pretty expensive. Albeit I am satisfied with the product I’m using, I didn’t recommend it on her straight away.

Helping her to make a fine choice for a facial cleanser, I shared with her some stuff I’ve learned from my previous job in a cosmetics firm and some articles from the magazines and internet.

“A person with dry skin is going to benefit from a facial cleanser that is lipid free. These cleansers allow you to cleanse your skin without removing the oil from it. Those who have oily skin will want to use a deep cleanser to draw out and wash away excess oils and impurities. If you have combination skin, determine if your skin is more prone to be oily or dry. Whichever type covers more of your face, choose a combination cleanser designed for combination-to-oily skin or combination-to-dry skin. Another important thing to remember when choosing a facial cleanser is any type of skin conditions you may have.No matter what type of skin you have, make sure you do not cleanse too much. Once in the morning and once in the evening is plenty. If you clean your skin to much, you will end up drying it out."

Experts say the following about choosing a cleanser:

*Avoid heavily fragranced products, since the ingredients used to perfume a product can cause skin irritation.
*Cleansers that produce a lot of lather are no more effective than those that don't. Furthermore, ingredients included to produce lather can sometimes be irritants.
*No matter what an advertiser promises, a skin cleanser will not prevent or reverse signs of aging.
*Standard detergent ingredients are common in skin cleansers, and generally will not harm the skin. However, two such ingredients -- sodium lauryl sulfate and TEA-lauryl sulfate -- are especially strong and potentially irritating. You should avoid skin care products that list these in the first part of the ingredients list.
*"All natural" plant ingredients are not necessarily effective, or even healthy. Some, such as mint or menthol, can actually irritate the skin. Don't assume that "natural" ingredients are necessarily good, or that synthetic ones are bad.
*Inexpensive facial cleansers generally work just as well as higher-priced products, and in some cases even better. Costly skin care products often contain the same ingredients as budget cleansers, but are priced higher because of packaging or marketing hype.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Choosing alternative for coffee

My parents were coffee drinker and so was I. I started drinking coffee at age 11 and my parents appeared to have no choice but to allow me otherwise I won’t be eating my breakfast. At least it was still 1 cup a day but eventually became 2-3 cups when I joined the university and started working. I chose to drink coffee than milk first of all because of its stimulating taste, secondly the aroma which is coffee’s unique signature and thirdly the common reason keeps you stirring especially when you need to burn the midnight candle. The benefit of antioxidants it contains was never part of my reason besides I didn’t care about coffee’s composition. Coffee was part of my daily life until I was advised by the doctor to stop it because of my GERD (acid reflux disease) . The caffeine it contains will make my ailment worst.
It was crucial at first choosing for an alternative because milk and chocolate drinks were also part of the list that I should avoid. Since GERD is an annoying illness I did my best to follow the doctor and fortunately found a great alternative for coffee which is Chamomile Tea. Amazingly, it doesn’t only provide me a stress-free feeling but also gradually eliminating my heartburn due to acid reflux.

It was definitely a brilliant choice.
(Celestial Seasonings and Twinings chamomile tea are my brands.)

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita ) is a member of the daisy family. It has a calming quality and is widely used to relieve anxiety, caffeine withdrawal, hyperactivity, insomnia, pain and stress. Chamomile is also an excellent digestive tonic helping to relieve colic, flatulence, indigestion and irritable bowel. Some European hospitals serve it to calm patients and it is said to prevent nightmares. Many women use chamomile as a successful remedy to relax menstrual cramps.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Chose to Bring It Back...

I didn’t choose this lady to be my friend neither did she choose me to be her friend. It happened spontaneously when we worked together as teachers for just a year and sad to say that the bonding moments we shared were more of work-related stuff. But still we felt the tie of friendship glowing within us.

My choice to quit my job and pursue another plan had separated us thousand miles away and worst was we lost contact due to some unavoidable circumstances. Over a year of not keeping in touch, many things have happened in our separate lives which included meeting new friends. Yet, as the cliche goes "once a good friend always a good friend" so I did my best to find ways to reconnect with her thanks to “friendster”

After a year of silence and a year of internet communication (2 years of being far away) we finally met again in person. I was so delighted with the idea that we can spend time together again and this time it won’t be work-related stuff but purely pleasure. Until she told me that she was also leaving the country soon to work abroad. “Wow!!!”. I know I would miss her but I am glad with the opportunity that she has. Apparently in her limited stay in the country we chose to spend time together and making the best out of it; shopping, fitting blouses and dresses, going to church, eat, play badminton and party….yeeeeyyyyyy

I could have chosen to let our frienship perish but I chose to bring it back because....

see below the print on my friend's shirt

Truely worthy to be a friend

We eat anything we like although we plan to lose weight hehehe.



Nice and cool

There's no Dull Moment with Darlene

Cheers to a good friend!!!
I will definitely miss you DARL

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Choices we make

Every split second in our lives we make a choice and for every choice we make there’s always an end result which may or may not be favorable to us or to anyone.

Generally people always want to choose the “good one if not the best” and because we have different sets of standard or raison d'ĂȘtre in choosing, accordingly we come up with different stuff.

So this blog would feature my choices, your choices, their choices and the rationale behind those choices.