Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bangles: The More the Merrier

Bangles are everywhere! Bigger, bolder...

Lately my friend and I are becoming huge fans of bangles. Being trendy...yes! but we actually find it as an amazing choice to accessorize casual outfits. If you stack the bangles on your forearm; wearing at least wear 2-3 inches worth of bangles will help you achieve the right look and feel.

...And true " The more the merrier "

Celebrities wearing bangles hehehe....

More tips in wearing bangles:

1. Wear bangles in bright colors with jeans. Mix and match colors to fit with any color top.

2. Wear bangles for the sound they make. Bangles made from different materials, such as glass, gold, silver, wood, pearl and plastic, have distinct musical tonal qualities. The addition of gemstones or precious stones alters the tones, as well.

3. Let your jewelry style guide you to wear bangles that complement your attire. Many jewelry sets come complete with necklace, earrings, rings and bangles. If not, match the metal of the bangles with the base metal of the rest of your jewelry.

4. Wrap your wrist with costume, fashion or vintage bangles. Depending on your budget, you can start a collection of Indian jewelry, jewelry handcrafted in Mexico or bangles adorned with Swarovski Austrian crystals.

5. Mix round and square bangles. Square bangles are available in several metal options to mix and match with traditional round bangles

So...grab your own bangles now ;)

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gLoR!e said...

i love bangles pero if i wear it mura man matagak mn dli lang jud ko kamao..heheh

muzta naman? been away from blog jud blog lang ko if naay tasks..laag niya ta ging puhon..nag sun nako seldom ko mag smart na..i'll share u my sun number niya...regards ko sa imong hubby...mag kalag2 na wala pata ka laag balik dah..:)