Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Behind that radiant Face

Let’s call this lady by the name star.

“There’s no dull moment when you’re with her.” a proverbial remark from her friends. She loves to talk; from the books/articles she reads, to the youtube videos she watches and the latest fashion she wants you to wear, down to her fascinating personal experiences in life. Needless to say, you won’t feel worn out listening as she always salts her stories with jokes. She is a good listener as well; with a shoulder you can cry on and with words you can ponder.

She is light, bubbly and yummy as she fondly described herself. And true, you never see her without a grin on her face. To her friend she is a star that never loses radiance.

Yet, who can imagine that behind that glistening persona is an anxious soul? Who can imagine that behind that smile and laughter is a stressed heart? Who can imagine that behind those wits is a bothered mind?

Nobody except me, whom she trusted to keep the gloomy side of her stories.

Indeed, she wants to stay as a star to her friends; hopefully giving them bright light in every dark path they cross.

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