Thursday, September 4, 2008

Having fun while staying fit

I was away again for couple of days, thanks God that it wasn’t because of another ailment. I just started my new job, well not totally new just a sort of going back to my first job; from teaching I am again into sales and customer service. I wasn’t worn-out of teaching but apparently my recent job has stirred up my interest, it somewhat brought me a message that getting sick isn’t an enough reminder to take care my health.

The company that got me in produces an exergaming machine. Turning a sedentary past time video game into a game compelling our body parts to move. Our machine combines the elements of exercise and the fun of video gaming. Very suitable for people who are easily bored stiff doing traditional exercises but fascinated to be in motion when it comes to games.

The machine gives you a thrilling experience of virtual aircraft flight and aerial battles while you take benefits of a full workout, plus you can play this online with other players from different countries.

It’s definitely a first-rate choice to have fun while staying hale and hearty.

Our exergame machine in Holiday Spa

My officemates playing dogfight

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