Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Honest mistake or an intention? Who's responsible?

Last Friday I had a severe abdominal pain so my hubby brought me to the hospital. I was in the ER for more than an hour answering questions from doctors and nurses while in pain. The thing that annoyed me was answering the same questions from different doctors and nurses who came one by one. I mean, can’t they come at one fell swoop so that I don’t have to keep on repeating my answers or can’t they just take a look at my answers/records from the person who asked first? The scenario was just prolonging my agony because I wasn’t given a pain reliever ‘til the “one-on-one interview” was finally done. If it’s part of their SOP, still it infuriated me.

It took another couple of minutes before the pain reliever worked. While we waited for my lab results which took 3 hours, my hubby decided that I’ll be admitted in the hospital as he can’t bear seeing me anymore somewhat tormented in the ER. With other patients arriving every now and then, seems pain was everywhere in the place.

I stayed 2 days in the hospital which cost us P12,000 + ( US$ 300). I was shocked with the amount since I just had 2 bags of IV fluids, 4 anitibiotics,2 antacids, 2 pain relievers. Albeit I didn’t include yet the doctor’s fee, ultrasound, lab fee and the rate of the room in my rough calculation I still never thought it will cost us that much. Although the insurance shouldered my expenses, I still ran through carefully with the bills and I found out that there were some tiny stuff that I failed to add such as disposable syringe, gloves (used by the nurse) underpad dri-sheet, identification band, photocopies of my lab results, medical certificates and etc; means nothing is free nowadays. However, the most disgusting part that I found were medicines that they didn’t give me yet they included in the bills.

Good thing that my bills were covered by the insurance but I feel pity for those who paid from their personal pocket.

Was it an honest mistake or an intention? who are responsibles?

LESSON: Carefully review your bills

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gLoR!e said...

it is i guess the policy in the hospital that whatever single things u used in the hospital will be shouldered by the patient. I also heard it to one of the blogger when was hospitalized murmuring like yours. Yes, true, nothing is free anymore yet even when we use the comfort room there is a fee of 2P or so..heheh faetz na sa kalibotan niya walay increase ang sueldo..but of course life is still beautiful to surmount the expensive world! LOL

I am happy that you are OK now..i wish soon makalaag ta..i miss our laag na ging..hehehe whitesands niya ta puhon2..:)

Take care always..muah!:)