Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Chose to Bring It Back...

I didn’t choose this lady to be my friend neither did she choose me to be her friend. It happened spontaneously when we worked together as teachers for just a year and sad to say that the bonding moments we shared were more of work-related stuff. But still we felt the tie of friendship glowing within us.

My choice to quit my job and pursue another plan had separated us thousand miles away and worst was we lost contact due to some unavoidable circumstances. Over a year of not keeping in touch, many things have happened in our separate lives which included meeting new friends. Yet, as the cliche goes "once a good friend always a good friend" so I did my best to find ways to reconnect with her thanks to “friendster”

After a year of silence and a year of internet communication (2 years of being far away) we finally met again in person. I was so delighted with the idea that we can spend time together again and this time it won’t be work-related stuff but purely pleasure. Until she told me that she was also leaving the country soon to work abroad. “Wow!!!”. I know I would miss her but I am glad with the opportunity that she has. Apparently in her limited stay in the country we chose to spend time together and making the best out of it; shopping, fitting blouses and dresses, going to church, eat, play badminton and party….yeeeeyyyyyy

I could have chosen to let our frienship perish but I chose to bring it back because....

see below the print on my friend's shirt

Truely worthy to be a friend

We eat anything we like although we plan to lose weight hehehe.



Nice and cool

There's no Dull Moment with Darlene

Cheers to a good friend!!!
I will definitely miss you DARL

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gLoR!e said...

wow! pang FHM mani oi..heheh
mam, congratz sa imong talent!:)