Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My choice of enemy

Guess I should just stop dreaming of having a gorgeous body. There’s no way I can discipline myself when it comes to food and don’t mention exercise it’ll just be the least priority for a lazy bum like me.
Speaking of food, chicken and anything creamy and sweets are my weakness. Damn it! I know should avoid these but the lure is just too strong to ignore. ( tell me if u have a smart advice on how to combat the temptation and if it works on me, u are an angel).
Anyway, the other day got a dinner invitation from a friend ( was her birthday). She let me chose where and what to eat. I was surprised that the first thing that came into my mind was to eat fish and other seafood but out from my stomach to my mouth was the word Kentucky. (that is the airhead me)
So we ended up having dinner in Kentucky because my other friends can’t also resist the “finger licking good chicken” . Though, it wasn’t a wise choice of food for a
“Gorgeous- body dreamer” the important thing was we enjoyed. And the ice cream, cake and macaroni salads completed the so yummy dinner.

P.S. I wasn’t thinking twice that day before I made my choice (lol). I Just hope my friends had burnt their fats and calories after that day.

Crazy Crepes hmmm also my weakness

The birthday gal, doesn't mind calories she loves ice cream too, it's obvious in her smile.

Our diet starts tomorrow ( not so sure though lol)

Which will u choose chicken or cake? ( we chose both)

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