Friday, August 1, 2008

I could have been a make-up artist

I am fond of make ups ever since I was a kid but wearing it was not my cup of tea. I loved to put it on my mom’s face and felt so glad every time I saw the result; as if I have made a “tour de force” lol. Hahaha I was 3 years old when I started my job as a make up artist ( sad that we failed to take a picture of my mom as my very first customer lol) but at least she didn’t look worst than a clown. My fascination for make ups went on and I was flattered that my friends have started to ask me to be their “make-up artist” from attending special occasions to dating and flirting; perhaps because it was free. Anyway, thanks to them who offered their faces for experimentation. (was lucky no one complained lol)

However, pursuing a career in this enthrallment was a less priority as I had another choice but my love for make ups continued. Consequently, in my previous jobs I was a sales executive at the same time a make up artist to my office mates, was a teacher as well as a make up artist to my fellow teachers; yep still free hehehe.

Then fate brought me into a cosmetic firm where I was hired not as make up artist but as a sales supervisor (because of my sales experience). Yet I still underwent seminars and trainings on make ups. (knowledge and applications of your products are important in sales) and of course I also started wearing make ups (wink, top requirement).
I was supposed to take more steps further to be a professional make-up artist but another career opportunity came which I chose and didn't regret.

And though the path I chose isn't into make-ups
Oh well, my allure for make ups will always be
alive. And I still offer free service or make up advice ;)

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