Saturday, August 2, 2008

My current choice of dresses

Sometimes it’s funny and exasperating that when you don’t need to buy a dress for an occasion you’ll find lots of nice dresses but when time comes that you need one, seems nothing captivates your taste. This is what happened to me and my friend today. We were looking for a dress to wear on a friend’s wedding. Almost 4 hours in the mall, hopping from one boutique to another, fitting and changing yet it seemed that we looked like a crap in every dress that we fit. Well, we ended up so exhausted and frustrated...we didn't find one.

When I arrived home I immediately grabbed a vanilla ice cream hmmm yummy my frustration melted away. While eating my ice cream was also browsing the net and guess what sites? Hehehe yep fashion and I’ve found these amazing dresses which somewhat hypnotized me. The styles are actually my kind of choice but the prices are not lol. Thanks that we still have couple of days more to hop another mall and boutiques again, hopefully we can find similar styles of these
dresses I found.

Versace-absolutely love this

Gucci's revival of 1960--perfectly amazing

sweet and sexy

Wow!!!but certainly not allowed in the church :(

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gLoR!e said...

mmmm...i like all those clothes..yeeeyyy ngita ko sa tabo sa banay anih na pareha lang ug style..heheheh