Thursday, August 14, 2008

When u don't have a choice...

Having a baby was a least priority of my friend but that was before. A month ago with all the dazzling smiles on her face she told me that she’s ready to have a baby. Considering her age (mid 30s) and health condition I advised her to see a doctor first but I didn’t tell her with that reasons instead I told her to see a doctor for some pre-pregnancy vitamins. My friend is a smart lady; her eyes actually expressed qualms because she did understand the real reasons behind why I wanted to let her see a doctor. Nevertheless, her fear was routed by her excitement to have a baby.

We met 2 days after she went to the clinic. Albeit she put on a brave face and tried to compose herself to say something my senses told me that she’s in an uphill battle. And before she could utter a single word, tears already rolled down then she was weeping and trembling as if this time she doesn’t have a choice. The ultrasound result showed that she has a Polycystic Bilateral Ovaries which means it will “take time” for her to get pregnant. I don’t know if the doctor just chose the words “take time” as a milder way of saying “difficult” but I prefer to choose the former, at least it’s clearer to see light at the end of the tunnel.

I comforted my friend by searching the internet about her condition and provided her information that would somehow cease her pain and increase her hope that she could still eventually get pregnant. Although deep inside I’m also worried I tried to conceal it by telling her jokes that at least she still have lots of time to go disco clubs, travel everywhere and shop her favorite stuff. And besides her doctor’s giving her vitamins and fertility pills, she just needs to add the most important element in there “PRAYER”

Perhaps she doesn’t have a choice but to accept the fact that she has this Polycystic Bilateral Ovaries but at least it’s not only pure chances that she can get pregnant; there are choices of medication and a choice to be always hopeful.

As the song goes "Don't Give Up"


badz said...

hi.. i like ur blog post..
i wonder..when u needed a child most & is capable of taking care of it..its not luck 4u to have..
while, many bear child unwantedly or never know how to give living for the child..
Well, everything happens with a reason. Juz tell ur friend to keep on prayin & time will come God will grant it..
I am hoping & praying for myself ..

have a great da..hope u cud visit my blog too..take a look of my first post. i got there a pic of my niece..she is a bilateral cleft& palate..but she is a blessing to us..

mothercares said...

so sad. We have 2 ovaries but unluckily both her ovaries is disodered. Try to visit another OB GYne doctor for 2nd opinion.
Yap. prayer is still the best

gLoR!e said...

as i read this gosh my hair rise...wala baya koy pa check-up kay m thinking wala man koy vana..heheh bitaw,im aware now..i need to see a doctor!:)